“Triumphant” written by Shing02 / produced by Jack The Rip
INK MOVIE  http://backside.jp/news-540/

I woke up, feeling like dropping a song
I just might dump it off on your front lawn
my mind travels like a pod in a time portal
Jack the Rip beats, lyrics on auto
riding through savannah top speed with the cheetahs
loating cloud nine plus, smoke the hyenas
trek across deserts with the camels
the Fourth Way esoteric spiritual battle
reach the pyramids shining in the midst of the rainforest
came for the knowledge, far from a tourist
jump to the Islands chilling with the elephants
fly the flag, swag royal embellishments
high heater beat seeker, dope dealer uh
feel the vibe make believers like a healer uh
wearing gold with the teal that’s how I feel,
nobody take away my victory, it’s time to build

See something say something
We crew worldwide
Keep the beats bumping

(to be continued)